February 1, 2007


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Edublogs Forums Upgrade — 7 days ago

I’ve upgraded the Edublogs Forums to the latest version of the very wonderful bbPress. This is good because it allows users who don’t have an Edublogs username to participate (i.e. plugin authours, prospective Edublogs users, people asking broader questions) and brings fun things like tags, spam blocking, plugins and more into play. It’s a bit annoying as [...]

How to get more readers — 21 days ago

“41 ways to kickstart your marketing edublogging efforts” This article is primarily meant for bloggers looking for adsense dollars but is equally applicable to any blogger wanting to boost their readership and join the conversation. Excellent advice to start 2007 with.

Exciting things to come in January — 44 days ago

So, you may notice a new favicon as of today (the little 16×16 pixel thing next to the http…) Am not sure how well the average browser refreshes these, but it’s a cute little e – and heralds great things to come in January. There’s going to be a redesign (tres funky) that’ll link together [...]

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